Thursday, February 2, 2017

Local Politics

I tend to stay away from politics in my work and writing but there is an issue that is very important to the care of our pets.  Governor Cuomo has proposed tuition relief (actually free tuition for qualified students) at public universities and colleges.  Why do I care?  I know, my kids are out of school, no personal benefit to me.  Wrongo!

The staff that takes care of your pets at Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital is composed of a dedicated group of trained individuals.  Some, like receptionists and assistants have been trained on the job, over many years with us. Others, like the doctors and technicians have formal educations and are licensed by the state.  We currently have two licensed technicians on staff, Kim Green and Ellie Abrams.  these two are responsible for all nursing care, in house diagnostics, (lab work and radiographs), surgical prep, anesthesia, you name it they do it.  The state requires a t last an associates degree and then they need to pass an examination.  Associate degrees are offered locally at SUNY Farmingdale, LaGuardia College, and Delhi.  We are fortunate to have these two on our staff, but there is a shortage of qualified technicians here in New York.  Tuition assistance would help individuals that want to pursue a career in veterinary medicine to get a leg up without becoming swamped in student loan debt.

So, when this issue comes to the forefront, think of your pets and the care they deserve and support tuition assistance at our public colleges and universities.